TitleOnline FormDownload form
Animal Boarding Establishment ApplicationLaunch formDownload form
Benefit - Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support FraudLaunch formDownload form
Building Regulations - Building Notice Download form
Building Regulations - Full Plans Submission Download form
Building Regulations - Replacement Windows Download form
Children In Entertainment - Approval as Chaperone Application Download form
Children In Entertainment - Chaperone Information Download form
Children in Entertainment Licence - Parental Health Declaration Download form
Children in Entertainment Licence Application Download form
Children's Information Service Client Enquiry Download form
Commercial properties - Mailing ListLaunch form 
Community Safety - Racial Harassment Reporting FormLaunch formDownload form
Council - Agendas, Minutes, Reports Request for Information Download form
Council - Comment, Compliment or Complaint Launch form 
Council - Lord Mayors Engagement Programme Application Download form
Council Tax - Change Of Address/CircumstanceLaunch form 
Council Tax - Contact UsLaunch form 
Council Tax - Student discount/exemptionLaunch form 
Council Tax tenancy form for landlordsLaunch form 
Employment - Employment of Children Application Download form
Environment - Abandoned Trolleys Launch form 
Environment - Abandoned Vehicles Launch form 
Environment - Contaminated Land Download form
Environment - Contaminated Land General Enquiry FormLaunch formDownload form
Environment - Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Notification Download form
Environment - Demolition Notice Download form
Environment - Dog Bins Launch form 
Environment - Flytipping Launch form 
Environment - Garden Scheme ApplicationLaunch form 
Environment - Graffiti / Fly Posters Launch form 
Environment - Gullies Launch form 
Environment - Recycling Container OrderLaunch form 
Environment - Skips and Scaffolding - Report ItLaunch form 
Events - Event Booking ApplicationLaunch form 
General EnquiryLaunch form 
Grants - Nursery Education Grant - Parents Claim Form Download form
Grants - Sports Grants - Grant Aid Leaflet Download form
Hate Crime: Multi-Agency Reporting FormLaunch formDownload form
Highways - Report DamageLaunch form 
Highways - Street Cleansing Launch form 
Highways - Street Lighting Launch form 
Highways - Street Signs Launch form 
Home Safety - Telecare Personal Alarm (Customer application)Launch form 
Home Safety - Telecare Personal Alarm (Professional referral only)Launch form 
Housing - Community Alarm Request Download form
Housing - Contents insurance claim for tenants Download form
Housing - Council Tenants General Enquiry Form Download form
Housing - Help with Redecorating Your Council Home Download form
Housing - Home Contents Insurance - Pay As You Go ApplicationLaunch form 
Housing - Home Loss Compensation Application Download form
Housing - Home repairs enquiry form for homeowners Download form
Housing - Home Safety (Homecheck) Inspection Request Download form
Housing - Housing Standards General Enquiry Form Download form
Housing - Right to Buy: Request Further Information Launch form 
Language and Cultural Support - Early Years Application Download form
Language and Cultural Support Application Download form
Leisure - Holiday Sports Brochure Download form
Leisure - Leisure Card Application Download form
Leisure - Leisure Card Conditions of Use Download form
Leisure - Musical Bands - Band and Ensemble Application Form Download form
Leisure - Musical Instruments - Assisted Purchase Scheme Notes Download form
Licensing - Acupuncture LicenceLaunch formDownload form
Licensing - Caravan Site Licence Download form
Licensing - Club Premises Certificate Declaration Download form
Licensing - Club premises Certificate Grant Application  Download form
Licensing - Consent of Individual to be specified as Premises Supervisor Schedule11 Download form
Licensing - Consent of Premises Licence to Transfer Download form
Licensing - Consent to being Premises Supervisor Download form
Licensing - Drivers Licence for a Private Hire Car Download form
Licensing - Interim Authority Notice Download form
Licensing - Licence to Promote House to House Collection Download form
Licensing - Lottery Return (Results) Download form
Licensing - Notification of Interest in premises (Section 178 Notice) Download form
Licensing - Personal Licence (Sale of Alcohol) Download form
Licensing - Personal Licence Disclosure of Convictions Download form
Licensing - Petroleum Licence : Head Quarters/IndividualLaunch form 
Licensing - Petroleum Licence : Standard Conditions (Filling Stations) Download form
Licensing - Premises Licence  Download form
Licensing - Registration of a Society Lottery Download form
Licensing - Riding Establishment  Download form
Licensing - Scrap Metal Dealer Licence Download form
Licensing - Sex Establishment  Download form
Licensing - Skip or Builders Compound Licence ApplicationLaunch form 
Licensing - Stage Play Licence Download form
Licensing - Street Collection Permit Download form
Licensing - Street Entertainment Permit Download form
Licensing - Street Trading Consent Download form
Licensing - Taxi Character Reference Download form
Licensing - Taxi Medical Report Download form
Licensing - Taxi Private Hire Operators Licence Download form
Licensing - Taxi Private Hire Vehicle Licence Download form
Licensing - Temporary Events Notice Download form
Licensing - Vary a Club Premises Certificate Application Download form
Licensing - Vary a Premises Licence Application Download form
Licensing - Vary a Premises Licence to Specifiy an Individual as Designated Premises Supervisor Application Download form
Life Events - Adoption Certificate Application Download form
Life Events - Birth Certificate - Commemorative  Download form
Life Events - Birth, Marriage or Death Index Search Application Download form
Life Events - Book of Remembrance InscriptionLaunch formDownload form
Life Events - Death Certificate Download form
Life Events - Grave Identification Plaque ApplicationLaunch formDownload form
Life Events - Grave Purchase or Renew Rights EnquiryLaunch form 
Life Events - Memorial in a Cemetery ApplicationLaunch formDownload form
Life Events - Memorial Seat Application Download form
Life Events - Notice of Interment in Milton Cemetery Download form
Life Events - Notice of Interment in Portsea Cemetery Download form
Life Events - Place of Worship for Solemnization of Marriages Download form
Local Land Charges Search Order FormLaunch form 
Parking - Parking Restrictions Download form
Parking - Penalty Charge Notice RepresentationLaunch form 
Parking - Resident or Business Meter Exemption ApplicationLaunch form 
Planning - Council Owned Land and Premises General Enquiry Form Download form
Planning - House in Multiple OccupationLaunch form 
Planning - Street Naming and Numbering Application Download form
Public Health Control of Diseases Claim for Compensation Download form
Religion - Disuse of a Certified Place of Meeting for Religious Worship Notice Download form
Religion - Place of Meeting for Religious Worship Certification Application Download form
School - Book Purchase Scheme Non Fiction Download form
School - My book ReviewLaunch form 
School - School and Pupil Support Service Request for Support Download form
School - School Governor Recruitment Application Download form
School - Take over for 200Launch form 
School Governors - Register an interest in becoming a governorLaunch formDownload form
Social Services - Meals on Wheels Request Download form
Social Services - Occupational Therapist Request for Information Download form
Trading Standards - Food Premises Registration Application Download form
Trading Standards - General Enquiry FormLaunch form 
Trees in a conservation area, not subject to a TPO - intent to cut down, uproot, top or lopLaunch form 
Trees subject to a TPO - application to cut down, top or lopLaunch form